Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 22 November 2022

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 22 November 2022 – Get the Correct Answers to the Today’s Amazon Quiz, Participate in Amazon’s Quiz Today and Stand a chance to win Exclusive Rewards Everyday.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

What you will Get in this article?

✅ Amazon Quiz Answers for 22th November 2022
✅ Participating in this quiz should give you a chance to win by attempting all the answers correctly.
✅ ₹ 10,000/- Prize money will be rewarded if you won the quiz by answering right answers.

The most regularly used e-commerce app Amazon is conducting Quiz contests for their users and participants who participate in these quizzed will win suprising prizes Everyday like Pay Balance, Smartphones, Cashbacks and many more.

(Answers Updated) Amazon Quiz Answers Updated, Today’s quiz is live you can participate now and stand a chance to win Amazon rewards.

Amazon Quiz Answers Overview

Table contains Quiz Name, Reward, Event Timing, Winners Announcement, Answers Updated – 5 min ago.

Quiz NameAmazon Quiz Answers
RewardPrize Money
Event Timing12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Winners AnnouncementTomorrow
Answers Updated 5min ago

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 21th November 2022

1. In which country was UK’s new prime minister Rishi Sunak born?

United Kingdom

2. What is the name of the tropical storm that has recently caused widespread devastation in the Philippines?


3. Who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes in the movie ‘Enola Holmes 2’?

Henry Cavill

4. Identify this asana.


5. When was he fired from Apple?


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Amazon Quiz Answers 6 November 2022

Q1: Who is the first Black woman to appear on the US quarter?

Ans: Maya Angelou

Q2: Joumou soup is a traditional pumpkin soup from which country that recently got the UNESCO cultural heritage status?

Ans: Haiti

Q3: Yutu-2 is the robotic lunar rover of which country’s mission to the Moon?

Ans: China

Q4: A species of which fish, referred to earlier as ‘trash fish’ is named after this animal?

Ans: Alligator Gar

Q5: This visual shows which city?

Ans: Varanasi

Amazon Quiz Answers 3 November 2022

Q1: The 25th National Youth Festival was held where in India?

Ans: Puducherry

Q2: Who became the first space tourist to travel to the International Space Station in more than a decade in December 2021?

Ans: Yusaku Maezawa

Q3: Where is the 22nd Missile Vessel Squadron based that comprises vessels Prabal, Pralaya, Nashak, Nishank, Vipul, Vibhuti, Vinash and Vidyut?

Ans: Mumbai

Q4: Name this famous guitarist who is popular on instagram.

Ans: Borja Catanesi

Q5: This is the side view of a fort in which city, also featured in a famous Satyajit Ray movie?

Ans: Jaisalmer

Amazon Quiz Answers 2 November 2022

Q1: Which film won the Best Film (Drama) award at the Golden Globes 2022?

Ans: The Power of the Dog

Q2: Which city has the world’s longest metro network?

Ans: Shanghai

Q3: Kazhuveli Wetland was recently declared as the 16th Bird Sanctuary of which state?

Ans: Tamil Nadu

Q4: This is the famous Jacques Cartier bridge in which city?

Ans: Montreal

Q5: Which national park of India is known to have the highest population of this animal?

Ans: Kaziranga

Amazon Quiz Answers 1 November 2022

Q1: Nodirbek Abdusattorov, the youngest ever World Rapid Chess champion, is from which country?

Ans: Uzbekistan

Q2: Over 6 lakhs of which assault rifle will be manufactured by the joint venture, Indo-Russian Rifles Private Ltd?

Ans: AK-203

Q3: Which state is the largest producer of Kiwi in India accounting for 56%?

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

Q4: These are the astronauts who went aboard which famous mission?

Ans: Apollo-11

Q5: Name this fish that is known to launch itself out of the water like a torpedo, and knock fishermen off their boats.

Ans: Arapaima

Amazon Quiz Answers 24th October 2022

Q1: Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 700th club goal against which team recently?

Ans: Everton

Q2: Kantara, a movie which is drawing praise from critics and audience, was originally made in which language?

Ans: Kannada

Q3: Bureacrat Aramane Giridhar has been appointed to which important post in India?

Ans: Defence Secretary

Q4: The legendary singer, whose statue is shown here was the lead vocalist of which band?

Ans: Queen

Q5: This is Lake Nakuru, associated with a famous National Park in which country?

Ans: Kenya

Amazon Quiz Answers 15th October 2022

Q1: Who recently achieved the record of reaching 1000 runs in T20 internationals in the least number of balls faced?

Ans: Suryakumar Yadav

Q2: In the upcoming movie ‘Adipurush’ who would be seen in the role of Ravana?

Ans: Saif Ali Khan

Q3: Svante Paabo who recently won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine is from which country?

Ans: Sweden

Q4: What is the language in the photo?

Ans: Vietnamese

Q5: What was the main aim of building this tower in Tokyo?

Ans: Broadcasting

Amazon Quiz Answers 14th October 2022

Q1: World No.1 Iga Swiatek has recently withdrawn from a team competition named after which legend due to a scheduling clash with WTA finals?

Ans: Billie Jean King

Q2: The movie ‘Goodbye’ starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rashmika Mandanna is directed by whom?

Ans: Vikas Bahl

Q3: A day before Dussehra a new temple in Jebel Ali officially opened. Jebel Ali is located in which country?

Ans: UAE

Q4: This is the famous Euromast located in which city?

Ans: Rotterdam

Q5: What was the first name of the founder of this brand, after whom it is named?

Ans: Ferdinand

Amazon Quiz Answers 8th October 2022

Q1: Who Recently Won His 89th Career Title, Beating Marin Cilic In The Final At Tel Aviv?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Q2: What Character Was Played By Emma Corin In The Series ‘The Crown’?

Ans: Lady Diana

Q3: In The Swachh Survekshan Awards, Which City Has Been Ranked The Cleanest In India For The Sixth Consecutive Time?

Ans: Indore

Q4: This Is A Famous ‘Garden’ Located In Which City?

Ans: Chandigarh

Q5: This Is The Flag Of Which Country?

Ans: Luxembourg

Amazon Quiz Answers 7th October 2022

Q1: Who Was The Man Of The Series In The Recently Concluded T20I Series Between India And South Africa, Won By India?

Ans: Suryakumar Yadav

Q2: Hawkman, Atom Smasher And Cyclone Would Appear In Which Upcoming Movie?

Ans: Black Adam

Q3: Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser And Anton Zeilinger Have Been Awarded The 2022 Nobel Prize In What Field?

Ans: Physics

Q4: Identify This Breed Of Dog

Ans: Doberman

Q5: This Is A Famous Castle In Which City?

Ans: Vienna

Amazon Quiz Answers 6th October 2022

Q1: Ruth Ozeki won the 2022 Women’s Prize for Fiction for which novel?

Ans: The Book of Form and Emptiness

Q2: Which airline unveiled a comprehensive 5-year transformation plan Vihaan.AI?

Ans: Air India

Q3: Who became the first Asian to win Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series?

Ans: Lee Jung-jae

Q4: This palace was built by which european dynasty?

Ans: Hapsburg

Q5: In which city is this famous mosque situated?

Ans: Cairo

Amazon Quiz Answers 7th October 2022

Q1: Typhoon Nanmadol Was The Fourth-Strongest Storm To Make Landfall In Which Country’s History?

Ans: Japan

Q2: Which Of These Films Has Been A Passion Project For Spielberg Since 1999 And Was Originally Titled I’ll Be Home?

Ans: The Fabelmans

Q3: Former Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja Has Declined Which Award Recently?

Ans: Ramon Magsaysay award

Q4: In Which Olympics Was This Sport First Added To The Summer Olmypics?

Ans: Tokyo 2020

Q5: What Is The Famous Mountain Peak In This Photo?

Ans: Matterhorn

Amazon Quiz Answers 4th October 2022👇

Q1: Germany Has Launched The World’s First Fleet Of Passenger Trains Powered By What?

Ans: Hydrogen

Q2: Which Team Claimed Their First Durand Cup Title In 2022?

Ans: Bengaluru FC

Q3: In 2022, Indian Scientist And Industrialist Dr Swati Piramal Has Been Conferred Which Country’s Top Civilian Honour?

Ans: France

Q4: This Sport Evolved From Exercises Used By Which Ancient Culture?

Ans: Greece

Q5: Who Is Known As The Father Of This Sport?

Ans: Walter Camp

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